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A Fresh Look at Pentecost
in Light of Present Day Confusion

If there’s been any controversy that has profoundly divided the true Christian Church, it is the question and understanding of what really happened on the Day of Pentecost. This subject is basic to a correct understanding of how the Church began and the subsequent teachings and practices taking us to the present day. 

Join Dr. Bill Finnigan as he helps us to look at Pentecost in a fresh and applicable way that will clear up the confusion that is so pervasive in the church today.

Facing Depression
Exploring its Cause and Cure

Depression in America has reached alarming proportions! According to one source, it is estimated that nearly 19 million adults suffer from serious depression, which is almost 10% of the U.S. population. This does not include the millions of teenagers who are depressed and prone to suicide. 

In “Facing Depression,” Dr. Finnigan presents a thorough examination of the Biblical answer, which is far better than secular solutions.

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Living Skillfully
A Practical and Concise Commentary on Proverbs

We live in a confused, lawless world. Many are making a living, but have never learned how to live. This explains, among other things, the rising tide of depression and mental disorders. Knowledge abounds, but how to use that knowledge effectively is another matter; that's where wisdom comes in to play. The Book of Proverbs ("gems of wisdom from God") promotes the skill and common sense to gain God-given success. "Living Skillfully" entails seeing this life from God's perspective, and acting accordingly. What can possibly be more important to equip us for this unique journey on earth?

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When Kids Go Wrong
Help for Hurting Parents

Description coming!

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Forgiven to Forgive
The Cancer of Bitterness

This pamphlet deals with four areas surrounding bitterness and the lack of forgiveness. There is the Cancer of Bitterness, The Cause of Bitterness, The Curse of Bitterness and The Cure for Bitterness. The author addresses the issue from a Biblical basis.

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Healing for the Mind

Does the salvation of Jesus Christ include healing for the mind? While the world seems to have gone insane, is there not healing for the mind of the believer? This book is born not from mere academic exercise but from years of spiritual and mental battle. It comes forth to testify that Christ is indeed our "Helmet of Salvation!"