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April 2022 Update

Dear Ones:

So Jesus rose from the grave. So what? Does that fact have any bearing on us today? As a young lad I occasionally attended church on Easter with those who went to see the latest “fashion parade,” etc. My forte was receiving a box of candy - chocolate-covered rabbits. Any mention or interest in Christ’s resurrection was coincidental. Likewise, my attraction to Christmas had little or nothing to do with Christ’s birth. Santa was “my man” ‘cause he left good “stuff” under the tree! Many years passed by before those “holidays” ever became reality.

Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth; but remember that He came to ultimately die, not live. Without His redemptive work on the Cross (“Good Friday”), the manger is meaningless. Yes, He died for our sins, but how do we know that the full payment was made? Thank God, the Resurrection became the “Receipt!” He rose again forevermore to execute by His Spirit all the benefits of His great salvation to every believer. PTL!

We need a Savior who not only died for us, but Lives for us! He is the only One who ever lived the Christian life; Because of Pentecost, that resurrection life is being lived out in every true believer, by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, Christ’s victory over the grave is most significant; for death, Satan and sin are now defeated foes! In fact, this makes the difference between mere human existence and enjoying abundant life in Christ!. Wow! PTL!

I have been very busy with speaking several times a week. I’ve had unusual freedom in preaching at the Mission chapel; there’s been a “holy hush” lately, with evidence of growing conviction of sin. Please pray for the Spirit’s breakthrough resulting in the salvation of precious souls. Other doors continue to open; my daughter Deb joined me in ministry over Easter weekend in the Scranton, PA area. More recently I had the privilege to address a PA convention of Baptist pastors on the subject of “Depression.” Having reached age 87 (on 4/15), I’m so grateful for the ongoing joy of serving Jesus; yes, my gait is slowing down, my eyes are dimming a bit, along with a chronic lower back problem; but by grace I must “keep on keepin’ on!” Thank you for your friendship and prayerful support which helps make that possible. PTL!

Much love to each of you,

Pastor Bill

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