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February 2022 Update

Dear Ones:

Today we see “War” in the headlines; but it only accentuates the ongoing turmoil, hostility and antagonism which has plagued the world since the Fall of man. Not to minimize the present Russian-Ukraine conflict, war has been a reality of human history from the beginning. In fact, Biblically speaking, war began in Heaven when Lucifer decided to usurp God’s sovereignty; The LORD “declared war” on him and cast him “down to hell.” (cf. Isa. 14:12ff)

In Genesis 3, God’s antagonist, now Satan, shows up to “declare war” on the first couple in the Garden. He (Lucifer) failed in his plot to be God, and now is determined to destroy God’s blessing on Adam and Eve. He subtly tempts them to “be gods” by disobeying God. Their rebellion tragically subjected the whole human race to God’s curse of sin and death. (cf. Rom. 5:12) Interestingly, God makes a way for their redemption (forgiveness) by replacing their “fig leaves” with an animal skin. (Gen. 3:21) An innocent animal was killed to make that skin possible. This principle carries through all of the O.T. where “war” was declared on sin by the shedding of innocent blood. Then one day the Lamb of God himself came to become the Ultimate, once-for-all Sacrifice for sin. (cf. Jno. 1:29) Could we say that God “declared war” on His own Son, the Sin-Bearer, to pay the penalty of Hell which we deserved?

For years I’ve seen the slogan “Make Peace, Not War.” It sounds good, but in the spiritual realm there could never be peace without war! Christ declared war on sin and Satan at the Cross on our behalf; He rose triumphantly for our justification, granting us “peace” with God. While the believer’s flesh still “wars” against the spirit, we can overcome through the Holy Spirit’s power and the “armour of God.” The world’s conflict between Satan and God will continue until His (Christ’s) Glorious Return. Thank God, Satan will be doomed, the nations smitten and subdued by the WORD of His Power! (cf. Rev. 19:11f) Eden will then be perfectly restored. Therefore, take heart, dear saint, and continue to “fight the good fight of faith,” for we are “overcomers.” Yes, we may “lose” some of the battles along the way, but the WAR has already been won! PTL and “Plow On!”

On a personal note, my “Covid experience” lasted over a month. I’m beginning to feel “normal” again (whatever that means). I’m so grateful for God’s healing grace that I might continue in ministry. Your prayers are deeply appreciated, along with the local “angels” of mercy that God has sent to my aid just at the right time. I’m glad to be back teaching and preaching in the Academy, anticipating a harvest of souls. The Holy Spirit has been moving in chapel, bringing conviction of sin (“war’) and hopefully revealing His remedy of forgiveness and “peace” through Christ. Also, the new book on the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) has a vital message for today. (click the link for more information) Thanks so much for your continued intercession.

With love and prayers for genuine spiritual awakening,

Pastor Bill Finnigan

“It is time for thee, Lord, to work; for they have made void thy law.” (Psalm 119:126)

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