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January 2022 Update

Dear Ones:

Sorry I missed the deadline; but I fell seriously ill after a long bout with what I thought was merely bronchitis. A dear doctor friend had introduced me some time ago to a physician who actually “treats” Covid patients at his office. (In the parking lot!) I tested “positive,” but was encouraged when the Doc came out to the car with a Rx for a bag full of therapeutic “goodies” to treat me on the spot! I was so weak that had he told me “to go the ER”, I doubt whether I would have ever left the hospital. I say that because of hospitals refusing to treat Covid patients up front with proven therapeutics; there are medicines that when dispensed early on, have worked wonderfully; (that’s exactly what happened to me!!) To deny such remedies is not only malpractice, but criminal.

Sadly, the medical profession has increasingly and subtly become part of the “problem” rather than the solution! Under the guise of “following the science”, we have been duped by a corrupt political agenda. Sadly, we have lost precious lives who could have otherwise been saved! Doctors, who are bravely treating their patients directly, do so at the risk of losing their medical credentials. It’s already happening! I praise God that providentially I’m still alive and “kicking” to share this Update. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

My trip to GA earlier this month was refreshing, tiring, and fruitful in many ways. I gave a 10 hour (5-day) module for Georgia Baptist College in Senoia, Ga (click media link above to view). We battled sickness, and other trials, but God was glorified and many others were edified. I trust the this timely series will soon be on YouTube in its entirety. It was a joy to once again fellowship with Pastor David Dickerson and his folks at Peachtree Baptist Church, where he has served for 48 years! PTL!

Well, I just started teaching in the Mission Discipleship Academy again and here I am under a 10-day lock down! My colleagues said that “they have my back” which is good to know. Thankfully, none of us is really indispensable except the LORD Himself! I appreciate their loving attitude and desire to serve. Pray that this time off will prove to be productive. I need to rest, etc. but in wisdom I want to be sensitive to God’s leadership. The “wheels” of my mind keep turning, hopefully in the right direction. Amen!

What a beautiful Day to be alive in all that God’s doing around the world. Let us labor while it is yet day, for the night comes when no many can work .By His grace, let’s prepare ourselves for our Savior’s Soon-coming, glorious, cloud-breaking appearance in sky! (cf. Titus 2:11f) Even so come, Lord Jesus!

My heart-felt love and gratitude to each of you,

Bill Finnigan

I Corinthians 15:58

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