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July 2022 Update

Dear Ones:

What is Truth? Jesus was asked that question by Pilate who never waited for an answer; he quickly walked away declaring that “there was no fault” in this Man. Pilate knew in his heart that he was facing the Truth in person! He had to lie to himself in order to hand over Jesus to the Jews; they in turn had to reject “the Truth” in order to “get rid” of the Truth! How this illustrates the depraved human heart which is “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked!” No wonder we continue to live in a world filled with lies, liars, and deceivers! When I told a “fib” as a boy I never realized the seriousness and potential damage of not being truthful.

Significantly, “lying” is the first and last sin mentioned in the Bible. Satan tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, saying that she (and Adam) would “not surely die;” that was a subtle (“snaky”) lie! (Gen.3:4) In His final word in Rev. 22:15, Jesus Christ specifies those who will not “show up” in Heaven; He names sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters and lastly “whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Liars are inspired and controlled by the Devil, “the father of lies.” (cf. Jno.. 8:44) This lying spirit has invaded every arena of our corrupt society; i.e. politics; business, religion, education, etc. We are being lied to even by so-called “medical science;” this deception has been driven by corporate greed and a destructive political agenda; it is being unashamedly “forced” on a gullible and fearful world populace. Hell is breaking loose!

Since Jesus is “the Truth” how do we access that Truth? His “Word is truth” by which we are “sanctified” (made holy); He said we are to “worship Him in spirit and in truth;” i.e. be filled up with the Holy Spirit and His Word! This is certainly the anti-dote to fight the avalanche of present-day deception and lying wickedness! One day the Truth Himself will appear to destroy the Liar and set up a glorious kingdom of true righteousness with all “lying” excluded. PTL! In the interim, dear saint, let us “walk in the truth,” letting our “light” shine!

Thank you for interceding as I minister at the Mission; the Holy Spirit continues to open hearts. One older man recently made an open confession of Christ in chapel. He had been “clean” from substance addiction for several months, but realized he had never dealt with the sin issue; he needed a “clean” heart by saving grace. PTL! Your prayers for strength, wisdom and faithfulness are much appreciated. I want to “finish my course” well; especially in light of the stupendous need for lost humanity to believe on Him who is the Truth!

With my love and prayers,

Pastor Bill

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