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July 2023 Update

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Dear Ones:

This past month has been “jam packed!” I am ordinarily busy with preaching 3 times a week at the Mission; but the week of the 4th I preached the Word 8 times at Maranatha Bible Conference; Undoubtedly, your prayers contributed to the success of that meeting. The enabling grace of God was evident and the results are ongoing. With one Sunday off, I have ministered the Word every Sunday since.

My time at Lake Chautauqua in NY was both fruitful and relaxing. The fellowship with the saints was spiritually invigorating; how refreshing also was the unexpected boat rides on the lake. The Lord knew how much I needed that R&R to “balance” out my work load. Praise Him!

I also need to share with you that even with my heavy schedule, God has been doing a “new thing” in my body. For over 7 years I’ve been battling neuropathy (nerve damage) in my feet resulting from chemotherapy. While I’ve been able to lift weights at the gym, I’ve been unable to walk normally. Something has happened over the last few days! God has touched my lower extremities and feeling has come back to my feet, renewing my balance!! I can only praise God for His healing grace! As some of you know, I was playing racquetball at 80 (with cancer); at present some are waiting for me to play tennis (which could happen); but I may just have to settle for “pickle ball” (google it) Ha!

Around 2000 I wrote a booklet on “When Kids Go Wrong” to help hurting parents. Now 20 years later the need is even more acute; thus, over the last year I have revised and updated this booklet which is almost ready to publish. Over the years the enemy has aggressively battled me in this endeavor; for he’s the “home-destroyer” and loves to depress and defeat godly parents who suffer silently. I ask you to undergird this effort in prayer. May it be a “word in season.”

I continue to “aim” the Word of God toward the needs of precious “street people.” Most of them only have a “bag of stuff” to their name; but they all have immortal souls. Pray with me for “Lydia hearts” (Acts. 16:14), that the precious Word of Truth will find lodging in the depth of their being. God is still bringing “fruit out of a garbage pail:” it’s called Grace! Thanks, so much, for your partnership in this vital ministry.

With much love and gratitude,

Pastor Bill

P.S. From now on we plan to have a link for this Update on my Facebook page.

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