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June 2021 Update

Finnigan Update

June 2021

Dear Ones:

I thought you might like to see the striking logo on the new Mission building. Along with many others, I’m deeply impressed as I drive by, and focus on the glorious truth that JESUS IS LORD!

We must not lose sight of that fact, especially in the midst of such a “crooked and perverse” generation. Truth is “fallen in the streets” with growing confusion between what’s right and what’s wrong. (see Isa. 59) The tide can only be turned (or arrested) by a return to God’s Manual, the Bible. Consequently, our mission here is to minister God’s Word, by word and deed, that precious souls may be delivered from the clutches of Satan’s domain. That can only be accomplished through JESUS CHRIST, The LORD! (cf. Acts 4:12)

There’s almost an obsession these days with “racial” issues and “diversity,” etc. I never enter our chapel without recognizing the diversity of clients. Every single person is “different,” whether it be gender, race, intellect, or physical condition, No one is the “same”, yet each one has an “equal” opportunity to hear God’s Word; however, the outcome is never “equal” because each person responds to the message in a different way. God is no “respecter of persons;” He saves and uses those who believe the Gospel, regardless of their background, race, economic state, etc. Likewise, those who refuse the Gospel remain in their sinful state. Individual diversity is a gift from God, with major emphasis upon the person’s heart and soul! This is certainly true in the Body of Christ (the Church) where each believer is a unique member of that body (e.g. foot, hand, heart, etc. cf. 1 Cor. 12) “Diversity” is the name of the game, and it’s world-wide! Amen!

How grateful I am to be part of God’s “eternal enterprise” in these momentous days. My times of loneliness and grief have increasingly been “interrupted” by a busy schedule. I do get tired, but not bored. Thank you for your faithful support at the Throne---I really sense that strength. I pray that God will lift the burdens each of you face! God Bless you!

Folks continue to ask about opening day at the new building. It’s shaping up beautifully inside and out, but not without a few “delays.” The Director, John Muckridge, told me today that “the fall” is the target date. He also mentioned that God has continued to assemble the Mission staff, along with a great spirit of unity and purpose. PTL!

My new book on “A Fresh Look at Pentecost in Light of Present Day Confusion” is finally ready for the publisher. I’ve taken my time on this project, considering further critiques from some choice men of God. This is a much needed message for the Church in this day when the true meaning and purpose of Pentecost is misunderstood and/or ignored.

My heart-felt love and gratitude to each of you,

Bill Finnigan


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