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June 2023 Update

Dear Ones:

I’m busily getting my “stuff” together to preach next week (July 3-7) at Maranatha Bible Camp in Worthington, PA. I need special prayer for clear direction, physical strength, and Holy Spirit unction as I deliver nine messages. That’s a huge task even for a “young guy;” but I’m counting on God’s enabling grace. O, that God’s Word will have “free course and be glorified (honored)” – 2 Thessalonians 3:1!

On “Father’s Day” my pastor preached a powerful message on “The Righteous Father.” It stirred me to the “quick,” realizing anew the awesome privilege and responsibility of fatherhood. Never has the need for “righteous fathers” been any more critical than in the present. Our once-blessed country is being demolished from within; the breakdown of the family unit has increasingly resulted in the demise of our society. I’m grieved when surrounded by so many broken, homeless men; also the number of single mothers with numerous children, and not a husband (father) to be found! Promiscuity and indolence abounds in our society with no “fear of God.” What used to be shameful and sinful has now become an acceptable “way of life.”

Who needs to be “rescued” anymore when Big Brother pays the freight and actually “rewards” irresponsibility! To some, a section 8 apartment with a flat-screen TV, food card, and an iPhone is “heaven on earth.” Why would I need to “get saved?” An old preacher once said, If some welfare worker had offered the “prodigal son” a sandwich and a place to stay, he never would have gotten home to the father! That’s why at the Mission we desire not just to give a “hand out,” but hopefully a “hand UP.” That includes Salvation in Christ.

My ongoing class theme is “Be a Man” (1 Corinthians 16:13)! This is paramount in our day of radical feminism and sexual perversion, etc. Satan has targeted true masculinity, attempting to make men a bunch of “wimps.” Not only the Marines, but the church needs “a few good (godly) men!” The dearth of genuine manhood, I believe, is a direct result of our nation’s rejection and removal of the Bible from the public domain. Yes, that Sacred Book that was revered by our founding fathers; and became the bed-rock foundation of our beloved Republic! We must get the Word of God back into our homes and hearts! With the Psalmist we cry, “It is time for thee, LORD, to work, for they have made void thy Law!” (Psalm 119:126)

Thanks so much for your continued intercession for me personally. God is faithful! No matter what these “last days” bring, remember that our God is Sovereign and nothing is taking Him by surprise! Amen.

With love and gratitude,

Pastor Bill

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Jul 02, 2023

Prayers for your strength as you prepare for your week of delivering God’s word at camp. Your encouragement will certainly open the eyes and ears of those in attendance! 🙏


Jul 01, 2023

Good to hear from you, Bro Bill. Pray for me, my health has been bad for couple of years . We have moved to Simpsonville SC to be close to Anna Brooke. She married a. boy from up here. How is Sis Chris? We love and miss yall greatly! I’m praying for you next week.

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