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March 2022 Update

Dear Ones:

I hear that Disney is planning to terminate the term “boys and girls or prince and princess,” expressing the transgender narrative. Shocking as it may be, it’s just another consequence of evolutionary rejection of Biblical creation. Such a move is inconceivable but not surprising when considering the fallacy of evolutionary teaching. After all, if we came from a “piece of goo, then progressed to the zoo, and now it’s you; what should we expect? Evolution is godless and destroys individual identity; it we don’t know where we came from, or where we’re going, then who are we? In contrast, creation provides a personal, present God-given identity as either male or female.

“Identity theft” today is rampant. But most folks think only in the realm of stealing credit card numbers, etc. God made everyone on earth on purpose for a purpose. To be ignorant of that purpose (identity) is a shame; that’s why salvation through Jesus Christ reveals and secures that “identity.” We don’t lose our identity in coming to Christ, but rather gain it! Satan is in the business of “stealing” that identity, making us prone to doubt and defeat. Attacking all the present-day, dysfunctional, gender identity “labels” per/se is aiming at the fruit and not the root of the problem

Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see you good works, and glorify your father in Heaven.” Could this “light” be considered as our identity in Christ? Let us be Spirit-empowered men and women of God in this perverted world! May our children boldly and faithfully follow suit. Remember, as believers we are “somebody” in God, and “more than conquerors!”

Thanks you so much for your intercession in my behalf. I’m very conscious of the Spirit’s leadership and evident fruit. Take heart, Beloved, for our God has all things under His control. He’s “up to something” in these troublesome days — don’t miss it. Let’s labor prayerfully and carefully in our place of ministry. It’s too soon to quit!

My love and blessing to each of you,

Bill Finnigan


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