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March 2023 Update

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Dear Ones:

Occasionally I visit the mini-aquarium at the local mall to watch an amazing display of God’s underwater handiwork. The variety and striking beauty of these exotic fish is breathtaking. While spectators “gawk” through the glass, these unique sea creatures busily dart back and forth, seemingly oblivious to the crowd. They are in the “world” where God placed them, and content to do what they do 24/7! I wonder if they ever thought of jumping out of the tank to “walk the mall?” If that were possible, they would die, being out of their element. Likewise, for a human to consider living “in a water tank” would be suicide.

Fish, and other animals, were created for various settings and purposes. Unlike humans, the animal kingdom is content to live in their God-ordained habitat. The curse of man’s sin has made them (fish) fearful survivalists, but content nevertheless. The first couple, Adam and Eve, forfeited their peaceful contentment by rebelling against God’s command. The rest is history.

While the solar system, etc. and animal kingdom conform to the Creator’s design and purpose, wicked humanity is “playing god” with their lives and the world at large! While “Psych” centers are mushrooming around us, I’ve yet to hear of a “fish psychiatrist.”

The price of sinful pride continues to rise in our nation; satanically-inspired politicians and religionists make and break their own “rules,” rejecting the Word of Truth (Bible). Significantly, fish are not overdosing on Fentanyl, or practicing “gender transition;” they are not even concerned about “climate change” seeing that “their heavenly Father” has everything under control! We humans might just learn something here!

On a personal note, we’re battling Satan and sin at the Mission daily. Pray that the Word may have “free course,” penetrating prepared hearts. It grieves me to watch our country slide into Hell! I find myself crying out, “even so come, Lord Jesus!”

In the meantime, let’s keep pressing forward, content to do God’s bidding. My daughter Deb and I will be ministering near Scranton, PA over Easter; it’s always a joy to fellowship again with our “ol’ young people” from our early days in So. Canaan. I need your prayers for my mental and physical stamina as I continue to “finish my course.” Thank you!

With my love and gratitude,

Pastor Bill

1 Cor. 15:58

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