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March 2024 Update

Dear Ones:

We’re about to commemorate “Good Friday.” Why would anyone call it “Good” when it really was the “baddest” day in human history? What could be worse than the “murder” of the Son of God? Obviously, we’d have to say that the believer’s focus goes beyond Jesus’ horrific death to the glorious “result” of what was accomplished. He took the sin and judgment of lost humanity upon Himself so that condemned souls might be forgiven! (John 3:16). He suffered “eternal death” so that we might have “eternal Life!” No wonder it’s called “Good” Friday!”

It was also “good” because of what was to follow. How many “Good Friday” messages I’ve heard where the preacher said, “Yes, Jesus did die on this day, but Sunday’s a-comin’;” i.e. in three days the Savior would “burst forth” from the grave in Resurrection power! What happened on “Friday” was reversed on “Sunday!” Now that’s “Good News” for sure! Sin’s atonement was now completed, The “empty tomb” (Resurrection) became the “receipt” proving that the price of our redemption was fully paid on the Cross. Hallelujah!

On a personal level, there have been times when I awoke with a “fat head” and thought, “this just isn’t my day”. Then I remembered the chorus, “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Ouch! How short-sighted it is to “prejudge” what a day holds, only to find out later that it really was a gift from the Lord! Rom. 8:28 doesn’t say, “all things work for good for anyone on the planet;” That’s insane! Rather it says, “all things work together for good to them that love God...” In God’s providence He takes seeming isolated incidents and, in time, works them together for His glory and our good. (cf. Rom. 8:29)

Eating the individual ingredients in grandma’s cake recipe could make one vomit; but under her skilled expertise they “work (blend) together” to produce a delicious “masterpiece.” So it is with our Heavenly Father’s “sanctifying” plan. Therefore, let’s keep walking by faith and not by feeling (sight)! Amen!

This weekend my daughter Deb and I will be ministering in Word and music in the Scranton, PA area. Your intercession for God’s anointed blessing and travelling mercies is much appreciated. God continues to grant me sufficient stamina to fulfill my ministry here on the home front. There’s continued evidence that He is changing lives at the Mission. PTL! Our God Reigns, and He will be Glorified even in this wicked generation! Have a blessed and exciting Resurrection Day! “HE IS RISEN!!”

With my sincere love to each of you,

Pastor Bill

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