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May 2021 Update

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Finnigan Update

May 2021

Dear Ones:

This Memorial Day celebration has been “dumbed down,” not only because of the Covid Virus, but the growing distaste and misconception of anything pertaining to war. We’ve given “honorable lip-service” to those who have died over the years protecting America’s causes, but we’ve “had enough war.” That attitude is understandable, but totally unrealistic in a cursed and imperfect world. War began in Heaven when sin “was found” in the angel Lucifer who decided to replace God. (cf. Ezek. 28:15; Isa. 14:12f). “War” was thereby declared, and God expelled Lucifer out of Heaven; soon this Rebel (now Satan) ended up on Adam and Eve’s doorstep at the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3). Satan’s diabolical scheme now focused on the first human couple, who “fell” for his temptation to disobey God in “eating the forbidden fruit.” Adam’s sin in turn brought the curse of death to the whole world, resulting in the “conflict (war) of the ages.” Satan, now the arch-enemy of Jehovah God, became the “god” of this world, and the slave-master of all humanity. Human selfishness and pride have triggered personal conflicts and territorial wars throughout the ages; thus, war and hatred have continued to be stark reality, regardless of all the attempts to deny or down-play its existence.

Now you know why “defunding the police,” for instance, is insane! The civil Law is geared to deter and punish outbreaks of violence and lawlessness in a sinful society. Police are actually “ministers of God” (Rom. 13) to enforce the law and protect the citizenry. To get rid of law enforcement is to suggest that sin and crime are non-existent. That’s either insanity per/se or the next “progressive” step toward a communist government “police state.” The political slogan, “Peace, not War” will never be reality until Christ, the Prince of Peace, comes again to reign supreme over this planet! Meanwhile, let’s “memorialize” (glorify) the One who gave His life that by faith we might enjoy God’s inner peace while living in the Satanic “war-zone” of this polluted world!

It’s been a busy and fruitful month. I’m glad that all the “Covid closures” have not hindered the “free course” of the Word of God. In fact, who’s to say that the virus epidemic didn’t enhance the spread of the Gospel? Thankfully, our God reigns and nothing escapes His all-seeing eye! Continue to pray for God’s wisdom and strength as I labor at the Mission and ongoing writing projects. It’s somewhat exciting to watch how the Spirit is opening opportunities to minister love and truth to so many precious souls. What a tremendous day to be involved in eternal pursuits!

With much gratitude and love to each of you,

Bill Finnigan (1Cor.15:58)

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