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May 2022 Update

Dear Ones:

We just celebrated Memorial Day, honoring the military personnel who gave their lives defending this nation. History is replete with examples of those who heroically fought battles to the end, under impossible odds. We are presently facing an insidious “war” on the home front that demands wisdom, courage and resolve on the highest level. It’s the diabolical (demonic) attempt to “capture” and control the minds of our younger generation through media technology. No one argues the positive use of the Internet, but unfortunately that has been abused and perverted by the “dark” side of humanity. The preoccupation with violent video games, murder, promiscuity, rebellion, lawlessness, etc., has destructively affected our society. Not to mention the corresponding “opioid epidemic” and other illicit drug trafficking.

To add insult to injury, we have “outlawed” the Bible from the public arena. Among other things, God’s Word is an anti-dote and deterrent to anti-social behavior. The Ten Commandments were conspicuously posted in schools, etc. before 1960. It’s not surprising that soon after the culture shifted to “free love” and rebellion against established authority. It’s been a “progressive” slide ever since. Now the “harvest” has come in; and we don’t know what to do.

The rise of dysfunctional homes has produced dysfunctional schools and government. Is it any wonder that “Big Brother” has been so eager to “parent” and control our children? Is it possible that this “cyber war” could be a significant factor in explaining the mental derangement of the two teenage killers who recently and senselessly massacred precious, people in NY and TX? Just asking! It’s evident that we are imploding (self-destructing) as a country; to reject and/or ignore God and His Word can only lead to “national suicide.”

On a personal note, things are a bit slow at the Mission. Warm weather is a factor; we need a spiritual “stirring” for lost souls in Youngstown. Just like a home, so a city or country can only be changed one person at a time. Please pray with me for a divine invasion of Holy Spirit conviction of sin, causing precious souls to flee to Christ for refuge! Obviously, that’s the same need and request for our beloved nation. Thank you also for interceding for me during some difficult times.

With my love and blessing to each of you.

Pastor Bill

James 1:5

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