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October 2023 Update

Dear Ones:

BOO!! It’s “fright night” time again. The spirit of Halloween is evident with neighborhood displays of witches, ghosts, skeletons, grave stones, etc. It all seems innocent on the surface; but this preoccupation with “fear and death” is a serious matter; especially in light of all the scary things happening in the world. With a war raging in the Middle East and threats to America, etc. we already have enough terror to “scare us to death.” Our children don’t need any additional satanic scare tactics! Let’s cool it on the “haunted houses, vampires, etc.; we already have enough violent video games, etc. to addict our young minds with the reality (or fantasy) of tragedy, death and Hell!

Paul said, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind.” (2 Tim. 1:7; emphasis mine) Ungodly “fear” is a demonic spirit that plagues humanity, believers included. Anxiety (worry) is such a fear; it’s a result of unbelief in God’s provision (cf Phil. 4:4f); but the text says that God has given us “love, power, and a sound mind (lit. salvation of the mind); these are antidotes (remedies) for attacks of fear. John says, “Perfect love casts out all fear” (1 Jno. ) PTL! Being filled with Holy Spirit love nullifies unholy fear! We can’t really pray and worry at the same time! Try it!

In contrast, the fear of God must capture every believer. Simply defined, to fear God is “to take Him seriously.” God’s fear is really inseparably joined to “faith,” which is “taking God at His Word.” When the fear of God controls our lives, there is victory over the “spirit of fear.” God’s fear in the believer conquers all other fears. Satan has no hold on us for He was defeated at Calvary! Thus, if we truly “fear God,” we need not fear! This is the kind of “Fear” we must display to this lost, fearful generation! May God gives us an “epidemic” of such Godly Fear!

Your prayers in my behalf are deeply appreciated and essential. I’ve been increasingly conscious lately of God’s presence and direction in my life. I’ve had some precious and effective opportunities to share my Savior’s love and Word. Sometimes my Bible classes feel like the “city of the dead” or the “valley of dry bones.” Be that as it may, I must operate by faith and not feeling; believing God for an invasion of “resurrection” power to “raise the dead!” Thanks for your faithful intercession.

With love and gratitude,

Pastor Bill

Isaiah 41:10

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