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September 2023 Update

Dear Ones:

I want to focus this month on an extraordinary piece of Rescue Mission history. Doug Gough, pictured here with me in a recent chapel service, was converted to Christ back in 2011; high on drugs and alcohol, he was left for dead after a head-on collision with a cement truck here in Youngstown. After his family refused to come from Michigan, he ended up at our rescue mission; there he received Jesus Christ and was transformed into a Spirit-filled

servant of God. He served the Mission for several years in key staff positions. You’ll enjoy this brief, moving video about Doug's story: WYTV "Hometown Hero" Joanna Struharik & Doug Gough Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley

Doug, who presently lives in Florida, recently came for a Mission Board meeting; he’s the only former mission client to serve on our Mission Board. His testimony has been used effectively to touch and change sinners and saints alike. The picture shows a chapel scene where I asked him to give a brief “snap-shot’ testimony to our clients. Needless to say, the “snap-shot” became a “video,” taking the whole chapel time; I could only sit there quietly while the Holy Spirit ministered powerfully among us. Many were confronted with the reality and necessity of God’s saving grace.

This focus is in no way to glorify a man, but to give God praise for His transforming power; this power that’s still able to change lives in these last days. I thought that Doug’s testimony would encourage and challenge your walk with God. The great apostle Paul was forever encouraged by godly fellow-servants; so we must thank God for those saints who touch and edify our lives. “Iron sharpens iron!” Every time we open our mouths we influence others either for Heaven or Hell! We need each other, especially in these days. Let us “love one another fervently;” and may the overflow of that love give sinners around us an “appetite” to seek and know our great God! PTL!

I sense the effect of your continued prayer support. Thank you so much. My days are full with study and ministry opportunities. The consistent workout sessions at the gym are most beneficial. My walking "gait" has improved, for which I’m grateful. I trust each of you is blessed and growing in grace. Yes, our bodies are aging, but that doesn’t stop the “inward man” (soul) from being “renewed” daily. Let’s keep “plowing on!” Amen! I love you all.

Joyfully in Christ,

Pastor Bill

Phil. 4:4

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