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January 2024 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Dear Ones:

Soon after the 2024 “Happy New Year” celebrations, I asked folks at the Mission chapel: “How many of you want to be happy?” Not a hand was raised! How come? Doesn’t everyone want to be happy? Sure they do; but after their futile search for real happiness, they have given up on the idea. Drugs, alcohol, etc. may gratify temporarily, but can never satisfy. Pop slogans like, “Do your thing,” or “Whatever makes you happy, etc.” have only produced confusion and hopelessness.  

No one finds genuine happiness by looking for it; it’s a wonderful “by product” of saving grace in Christ. The secret is “right under our nose” in Psalm 1:1-3; David describes the “blessed” (lit. extremely happy) man/woman who knows and lines up with (obeys) the Lord. He (David) mentions separation from the advice and lifestyle of the ungodly (vs.1); but, positively, he demands “saturation” with the Word of God (vs.2) This, in turn, produces fruitful stability, as a “tree planted by the rivers of water…” (vs. 3) That fruit speaks of the Holy Spirit’s production of “love, JOY, peace, etc. (Gal. 5:22, 23). Peter calls it “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”  

An obedient, Word-saturated, happy believer becomes a dynamic testimony (shining light) for the validity of the Gospel. Long-faced, miserable Christians do not effectively impact a lost world. Like the “wiggly” worm on a fisherman’s hook, let us be happy, hopeful “appetizers” for Jesus in ’24!

My new Bible class at my home church has begun well. It’s a joy to work in tandem with our pastor in edifying the saints. I’m physically “stretched” but God’s grace (enablement) has been sufficient. I’m sure your intercession for me has made the difference. Thanks. The Holy Spirit continues to move hearts at the Mission. With every class there’s a deep sense of God’s presence and power. There’s a “remnant” of folks who are evidencing true salvation. PTL!

I pray that each of you will experience God’s Best in this New Year. I’m sending my heart-felt love to you all.

Pastor Bill

Phil. 3:13-14

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