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April 2021 Update

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Finnigan Update

April 2021

Dear Ones:

What a breath-taking scene was mine recently when beholding my neighbor’s extensive display of tulips. After a long, cold winter, I wondered if and how these beautiful flowers would blossom again. It was another reminder and illustration of God’s resurrection power, with new life springing out of the barren ground. Then I glanced at my yard and, Lo, it was covered with dandelions! Somewhat dejected, I asked, “Why can’t I have tulips instead of “weeds?” “That’s not fair,” I said, with a tinge of envy; it almost escalated into a case involving “discrimination” and “neighbor privilege.” How come he had the tulips and I had the weeds? (this could “preach”)

Then reality struck, realizing that my friend next door had invested time and effort in cultivating the tulip bed and dealt a “death blow” to the dandelions before they flourished. So it is that “the sun shines on the just and the unjust;” and both must take the responsibility of caring for the “tulips” of life and dealing properly with the “weeds” that are sure to appear. God’s saving grace is free but not automatic; i.e. the believer must take responsibility to “cultivate” and utilize this Gift of faith. I realize that this is an ongoing enterprise ‘til we get to Glory. At times I’d like to just “coast along;” but then here come the “weeds” which help bring me back to reality. So much for the “parable of the tulips.”

My trip over Easter weekend was “beautiful and tiring,” I drove 6 hours straight through (incl. 2 brief stops) to PA. I’m thankful for the grace and stamina to drive long distance; I couldn’t do that 10 years ago! My visit with loved ones (family and friends) was refreshing and most enjoyable. The Lord gave me liberty to preach His Word and to edify His people. What a privilege to live daily with true purpose and meaning, especially in this “dark” day. Let’s continue to “brighten the corner where we are.” Thankfully, all the darkness of the world cannot put out one birthday candle! That sure makes room for each one of us to shine brightly!

The Mission building is very near completion, with possible occupancy sometime in July. Furnishings are still needed, but God continues to touch “soul-investors.” (my term) Chapel services continue to be a blessed challenge, with a quiet, but obvious spiritual impact. I know that God will not let His Word “return unto Him void,” but it will accomplish His purpose. Thanks so much for praying to that end.

I deeply sense the power of your intercession for me. Living alone without my beautiful companion has been difficult at times; but I know that your prayers have not only sustained me, but “fired me up” further to faithfully finish my course. Thank you!

With much love and appreciation,


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