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July 2021 Update

Dear Ones:

It’s been said that as citizens we have only two inevitable obligations (events); paying taxes and dying. I think we can now add a third; wearing a mask. Rather than being simply a viral health protector, it has now become a symbol of political “slavery.” The Covid-19 epidemic has been cleverly manipulated by a corrupt and deceiving government to “dismantle” our American way of life; and lead us further down the road to Socialism. To accomplish that, they are determined to “erase” individual identity and individualism. Mandatory mask-wearing, though originally and still legitimate in some circumstances, has served to “hide” our most obvious point of identity---our face or countenance.

I’m dismayed as I watch the daily “parade” of masked people who look like “sheeples” and walking zombies. I love faces because I love people, who are made in God’s image; that makes everyone “beautiful” whether “good, bad, or ugly.” Understandably, bank robbers in the ol’ westerns wore masks to hide their identity; and so do folks on Halloween; but that should never be the norm, especially when “masking” has adversely affected the health of our young people and children. They need to be breathing fresh oxygen, rather than sucking in the detrimental “exhaust fumes” (CO2) from a face cloth.

Like Daniel of old, we must refuse to bow to a satanic system that’s “playing God.” Rather, we need to be “shining lights” in this dark world, and that “light” is most obvious in a Spirit-filled face or countenance. We are not part of a “herd” of groveling political subjects; but stalwart individuals reflecting the glory and authority of our Savior. No, we are not “woke,” but are beginning to “wake up!”

The Lord continues to stir hearts in the Mission chapel. The Holy Spirit, through His Word, is speaking to precious souls about their need for salvation in Christ. What other Hope is there in this God-forsaken world? Christ alone is the Answer! Thankfully, I am well and very busy. I deeply appreciate your prayer support that the Lord has honored to keep me steadfast in the battle. God bless each of you!

With love and gratitude,

Bill Finnigan

P.S. Please check the new website below; another one of God’s provisions through a fellow-servant, Richard Martin. PTL!

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